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Organigram Dresden Marketing Board

Dresden Marketing Board

As the official umbrella marketing organisation for the capital of the Free State of Saxony, Dresden Marketing Board (DMG) is responsible for marketing the city as a tourism, conference, scientific and economic metropolis. In 2008, Dresden City Council approved a proposal for the restructuring of marketing for Dresden and laid down a series of objectives and duties:

Objectives of DMG in detail

  • Development, management and communication of the Dresden brand
  • Raising national and international awareness of the Dresden brand by means of integrated, strategically oriented, coordinated and profiled marketing
  • Proactive presentation and promotion on a national and international level of the positive factors which make Dresden within its region such a great place to do business
  • Coordination and networking of the activities undertaken by municipal and state institutions as well as companies operating in the sector which have an impact on the marketing of Dresden

Duties of DMG in detail

  • Design of an all-embracing strategy for the marketing of Dresden
  • Management and communication of the Dresden brand
  • Design and implementation of standardised communications for the Dresden brand
  • Networking across all sectors of the economy of activities aimed at target groups and markets
  • Acquisition, coordination and communication of events and conferences
  • Coordination of marketing activities undertaken by the city, partner organisations and municipally-run companies
  • Marketing the Dresden region in collaboration with other local marketing organisations
  • National and international event-related media work
  • Active internal communication and efficient cooperation with partners and industry stakeholders