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Trade visitors and study trips

More than just a city break:Every year, more than 600 professionals from the travel industry come to Dresden – journalists, bloggers, tour operators and agents, conference organisers and agencies from home and abroad. Important multipliers for whom we roll out the red carpet.

No words or even pictures can convey as much as first-hand experience. Dresden Marketing Board therefore works with partners such as the German National Tourist Board (Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus) or Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen, Saxony’s own marketing organisation, to encourage and support important multipliers in discovering Dresden for themselves – genuine product training after which tour operators will have greater in-depth knowledge of Dresden and also be able to explain it to their customers better. The same goes for journalists, who can broaden their perspective by actually visiting Dresden, and for bloggers, who can then share their experiences and impressions with their online readership.

Are you one of these multipliers or travel professionals? If so, contact us. We look forward to working with you!