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Pacesetter for Dresden

Themed marketing involves focusing on a specific idea, major occasion or anniversary. Dresden has been taking this approach since 2010. And the world has taken notice. 2010 was the year of Arts and Culture, while 2011 was given over to Movement and Encounter. 2012 had Dresden as the City of Arts and Sciences, and 2013 was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Richard Wagner. 2014 was all about Romance and Romanticism, the theme for 2015 was Creativity and in 2016 the theme was Celebration.

In 2017, our focus is on Dresden as a city of innovation and renewal, with a year-round calendar of festivals that pulls in visitors from all around the world. Many partner organisations and cultural institutions in Dresden have subscribed to the concept by staging appropriate events. We plan our campaigns up to two years in advance. But there is one fixed element: the integrated winter campaign ‘Dresden makes winter sparkle’. From October to February, this campaign promotes Dresden as the ‘Christmas City’ and the seasonal highlights of New Year’s Eve on Theaterplatz and the SemperOpernball.

2018 marketing campaign: Dresden Elbland – Moving Traditions

The theme for the 2018 marketing campaign reflects the joint marketing of Dresden and the surrounding Upper Elbe region. The slogan ‘Dresden Elbland – Lebendige Traditionen’ (English: Dresden Elbland – Moving Traditions) has been chosen to present Dresden and the Elbe Valley in Saxony as a unified brand entity with an overarching marketing plan – as a single region stretching from Torgau via Meissen to Pirna, boasting multiple attractions and beautiful scenery. Visitors from the rest of Germany and beyond appreciate the city and its region primarily for the rich and living history that can be experienced at so many different locations. And that is right at the heart of the campaign, though the forward-looking mentality of the people and their lust for life has not been forgotten either.

The four new and powerful images play a visual trick. Well-known (and less well-known) landmarks appear as watery reflections of each other: the familiar Dresden skyline and the imposing Meissen cathedral, the Kulturpalast and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History and Schloss Moritzburg, the Stallhof in the Residenzschloss and street art in Neustadt. The accompanying text boxes list forthcoming events. The campaign has been conceived and designed by Haus E alltag & anders, an advertising agency based in Chemnitz, and is being implemented by Sandstein Kommunikation of Dresden. The 2018 and 2019 campaigns were put out to national tender and these were the two companies that submitted the successful bid.

PR campaign for 2017: “Dresden. New Discoveries”

“Dresden. New Discoveries” is the wording of the invitation that Dresden is extending to potential visitors from Germany and abroad as it boldly embarks on its latest round of advertising for 2017. The campaign will feature dynamic images of oversize human figures set against the backdrop of iconic locations in the city.

Three visuals on an unusual scale

All three visuals reference specific locations in the city – Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden (the former power station in the centre of Dresden), the Dresdner Kulturpalast (the Palace of Culture) and Augustusstrasse with the famous Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes) mural appearing to converge on the Frauenkirche. These have been combined with human figures in enlarged perspective. Superimposed on the three leitmotifs with the slogan “Dresden. New Discoveries” (German: “Dresden. Neues entdecken”) will be event highlights for 2017. Whereas two of the visuals depict professional models, the one for the Kulturpalast shows two figures who have been chosen for their direct connection with the venue: the Israeli mandolinist Avi Avital and the violinist Maria Dueñas. The latter, who is still only 14 years old, was the youngest student at the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music from 2014 to 2016. Both artists have been booked to perform with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra in 2017.

The Munich-based agency OPIUM effect was responsible for the creative design, having won a national bidding competition for three successive annual campaigns in 2014. The Dresden advertising agency of Diemar, Jung & Zapfe GmbH is responsible for the actual implementation.

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