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Social networks have changed the way we communicate forever. From talking to people all over the world, to conjuring ideas or delighting in far-flung places, there have never been as many opportunities as there are now online. That’s why we combine our passion for Dresden with an in-depth knowledge of social networks – informing, networking, and spreading our enthusiasm for our city around the globe.

Content is king!

Only content can make a channel appealing. That’s why we combine image, sound and text to ensure we always offer something for everyone. From video reports on Dresden as a science hub, to camera drone flights over the Historic Old Town and photography tours based on the classic Dresden sights, we never stop offering new insights into this incomparably vibrant city. Our content is always up to date and we work closely with all Dresden cultural and tourist institutions to ensure we never miss any brilliant, new ideas.

VisitDD: Our Community Video campaign has met with an enthusiastic response.

Seventeen weeks ago, we invited residents and fans of Dresden to send us a short video showing what they like best about the city. Where do the Dresdeners like to hang out? What memories do they associate with the place where they live, and what activities do they most like doing here? The video entries were to be no longer than 20 seconds and ideally spontaneous in conception. We wanted to capture a natural view of our beautiful City. We received almost 300 entries, not all of which were compliant with our guidelines. 200 of these videos made it onto our website. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety. If you look at the map, you’ll soon see that Dresden has a lot to offer. Most of you were drawn to Dresden’s Old Town and the Neustadt district. On the interactive map, you can see where our video makers have flagged their favourite places. Have fun clicking on the links and seeing what there is to discover there.

There were five categories for you to choose from for your videos, showing the diversity of Dresden. In a nutshell, Dresden is a beautiful city and has many sights worth seeing. The Dresdner Heide and the Elbe meadows also proved a great inspiration and got your imagination working. There were so many places that you wished to classify under these three categories that Eating/Drinking/Chatting found relatively few takers.

The initial wave of videos received were of the ultra-spontaneous ‘I’ll-just- get-my- mobile-out’
variety, but later on, more creative ideas came to the fore. ‘One Day in Dresden’ is good example of the latter. Denny and Torsten are like many of you – they don’t just have one favourite place but several. The basic concept and the quality of the editing impressed not only us but evidently many of you too, so that this video deservedly came top in the community vote.

Dresden Kategorien Auswertung

For Patrick, coffee is not the first thing on his mind in the mornings. A ride along the Elberadweg (Elbe cycle path) gets his day off to the perfect start. Watch the video to see what we mean. Patrick and the Vrack Bikergang are not only keen cyclists, they also have a steady hand for the camera and a keen eye for editing.

61,000 visits to by approximately 20,000 users, who spent an average of two minutes in the site – those are impressive statistics. Our videos were viewed 85,860 times. Regional and national media carried no fewer than 26 reports on our promotional campaign. At the end, our visitors selected the ten best videos. These were then stitched together to make the final video which we have called ‘Ein Tag in Dresden’ (A Day in Dresden). We would like to thank everyone who either sent us a video, supported the campaign, shared the results or in some other way made this possible. After this successful first round, it only remains to say “Bring on the next one!” Maybe we will...

Anyway, enjoy watching.

February 2016

Historical awareness: Remember and take action – hand in hand

Seventy-one years ago – from the 13th to 15th February 1945 – Dresden was bombed by Allied forces. Thousands of the city’s residents perished and Dresden suffered destruction on a massive scale. On the anniversary of this historical event, we remember the victims of war and National Socialism. At the same time, we’re challenged every day to maintain a peaceful, humane society. Fundamental rights and values like freedom, tolerance, cosmopolitanism and democracy are precious and fragile notions that must be actively defended every day.

With our Facebook app Virtuelle Menschenkette (Virtual Human Chain), we’re creating an online symbol of solidarity and togetherness. Facebook users can use the app to join a virtual human chain, thus sending a clear, personal signal with ‘remember and take action – hand in hand’ at its heart. The virtual chain will reflect the progress of a real human chain on the 13th February.

4th December 2015

GNTB Instagram Tour 2015: Tradition and Customs (#JoinGermanTradition)

Dresden Semperoper Theaterplatz

In 2015, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) staged a number of Instagram tours under the banner of ‘Tradition and Customs’ – with a special focus on Advent and Christmas on its last tour in December. The contributors included two German Instagram stars, as well as international personalities from Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Russia and Spain. Thanks to two highly popular Russian bloggers, Katia Mi and Alexey, there were two tour participants with an especially large reach; the pair have a combined following of around 3.2 million subscribers.

The results are nothing but impressive; Dresden’s brand recognition got a significant boost thanks to new, usable content on our Visit Dresden Instagram profile – and our own reach extended into the millions

3rd October 2015

Summit meeting: 12th Worldwide Instameet, 3rd - 4th October in Dresden

Teilnehmer am Worldwide Instameet 2015 in Dresden

Instagram holds global user events every six months. At these Worldwide Instameets, attendees create new photos and videos and explore new locations – with a healthy dose of networking thrown in.
Instagram held its 12th Worldwide Instameet on the 3rd and 4th October. For an entire weekend, Instagram users from all over the world met to take photos, create videos and get to know each other.

Two local Instagrammers, Toni Stadler and Philipp Götze, brought the Instameet to Dresden – and we were at their side every step of the way. Around 70 contributors took part in two groups. Their followers’ reach comfortably hit six-figures and several participants had around 30,000 followers each.

Bloggers and influencers welcome!

The term ‘influencer’ first appeared in around 2007 to describe individuals who are especially active on social networks and the internet – making them appealing to marketers. Influencers, including politicians, athletes, journalists and popular bloggers, are social butterflies. In principle, they generate early ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals by sharing what they especially like and want to share with others. Thanks to the internet, the things they share are more successful than ever before. They don’t just reach a few friends and acquaintances, but thousands depending on the network – and not over weeks or months, but within just a few hours or minutes. The power of using this for our own marketing cannot be overstated.

That’s why we support ambitious, creative individuals in their adventures on the Elbe. Got an idea for an exciting project and looking for funding opportunities? Just get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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