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Dresden Silhouette Frauenkirche
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Online marketing – Dresden for everyone everywhere

We’re great at online marketing, a fact proven by our website on the ‘Christmas Capital’, our media server, an unfailingly fabulous event calendar and our own crowdfunding website. As an umbrella marketing company, we ensure that the city of Dresden is represented on all relevant social networks – and is always online.
Our main shop window is VISIT DRESDEN, which is also Dresden’s calling card on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and Pinterest. We keep everything up to date and curate new content in close cooperation with our loyal community.

Need more online services? No problem. Our highly successful Sales Guide and the Dresden Magazine are just two more. Another is Mediaserver Dresden, a media portal that enables us to connect local retailers and travel agencies with interested tourists and ambitious photographers – providing exceptional materials for everyone who loves Dresden as much as we do. Lastly, the event calendar offers citizens and tourists a go-to resource for events in the city.

Online campaigns: Targeted and effective

We create online content for all target groups, including citizens, tourists, the media and investors – as well as all others who come and stay here. Some of our tools include our event calendar, Mediaserver Dresden, social media and a crowdfunding platform. We supplement annual tourism campaigns and city communications (e.g. as a City of Excellence) with our own, highly topical initiatives and activities, whether spreading a little Christmas sparkle or celebrating Wagner.

A one-stop social media shop

One city, one portal: thanks to Visit Dresden, we can offer Dresden fans a single point of reference. Over 100,000 people use and share our content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram – with Visit Dresden providing a single space to store all new videos, images, news reports, interviews, tips and information. For a complete city overview, a valuable reference point – and an even stronger Dresden community.


Dresden: Where Wagner lived and found his fame

Dresden and Richard Wagner share a special relationship...

...and with good reason. The composer spent his youth in the city – where he attended the Kreuzschule, later became the Royal Saxon Court Music Director and led the Liedertafel choir. Dresden was the city in which he composed his greatest works and celebrated his success with several premieres. However, it was also Dresden where Richard Wagner took part in the May Uprisings of 1849, leading him to become a wanted man like Gottfried Semper and forcing him to flee. Richard Wagner influenced the Dresden music scene and the city influenced him in turn. In light of this, Dresden celebrated the composer’s 200th birthday with a year-long celebration in 2013.

Watch our videos to learn where Wagner lived and worked. He staged his first great opera Rienzi in Dresden, and The Flying Dutchman and Tannhäuser soon followed. The composer laid the foundations of many of his works in the city on the Elbe.

We tell the story of Wagner’s Dresden at nine locations across the city. Each one has its own short film, in which the composer himself explains what he experienced there. Using the map on the Wagner Tour page, select individual locations to find out more, including the Frauenkirche, the Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross), the Semperoper, the Zwinger, Marcolini palace, Blasewitz, the Saxon Steamship Company, Graupa near Dresden and the Old Annenfriedhof cemetery.


Overview of the Wagner sites in Dresden and the surrounding area

Follow in the footsteps of the composer in Dresden and the surrounding area!

You can find out more about the life and work of Wagner in Dresden here:

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