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Crowdfunding for Dresden ideas: Dresden Durchstarter

Ideas today, reality tomorrow. Dresden is brimming with ideas just waiting to be turned into reality. The Dresden Durchstarter crowdfunding platform therefore connects creative minds and supporters with crowdfunding for unfinished projects. The concept is stunningly simple: creative individuals search for people to support their ideas on an internet platform. The more people who get behind an idea, the greater its chance of being implemented, thus enabling Dresden’s citizens, their fans and those with a passion for great ideas to discover the city’s full potential. The platform turns all those involved into active contributors who share their enthusiasm, start new trends and actively support projects. What’s more, all of the projects on Dresden Durchstarter can also be viewed by the largest crowdfunding community in Germany: The experienced Startnext team manages the platform and provides project support as needed.

Mission and goals

Dresden Marketing Board uses its own crowdfunding platform to promote Dresden as a destination for start-ups. With Dresden Durchstarter, creative local companies and their supporters from all over the world have the chance to turn great ideas into reality. Crowdfunding is an innovative and effective method of nurturing the city’s creative potential – thus helping to safeguard its future success. Dresden is well-known for its inventive spirit, which has grown throughout history and is now more vibrant than ever. The city doesn’t just have an exceptionally large number of renowned research institutions; it displays creative potential in all walks of life.

Dresden’s local business development hub views crowdfunding as a starting point for entirely new funding mechanisms – without the need to access public funds. Many ideas and projects from the creative sector, individual inventors and crafters miss out on traditional funding. With our platform, we want to breathe new life into these projects – providing support during initial implementation and the next steps taken by new and successful start-ups.

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