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A Saxon six-pack: Dresden Elbland in six videos.

The challenge? To shoot six short films. The setting? A fantastic city and its fascinating surroundings. The objective? To inspire viewers. The criteria? Choose one of six individual topics – and simply start filming. No limits and no rules! We were looking for commitment, ingenuity and affection. In other words: “Surprise us!” And that’s exactly what the six teams of creative minds and filmmakers did. The results were impressive. Now the films are going online – here on our website.

Liebes Dresden... (Dear Dresden...)

It’s a love letter – very personal, intense, nuanced and passionate. Making a sincere case for the beauty of Dresden Elbland and for the unlimited freedoms this city offers to its people. Liebes Dresden, a short film produced by the Leipzig-based PR agency makai Europe, gives Dresdeners free rein to tell their own tale. The locals come across as happy, enthusiastic, contemplative and always with a zest for life.

Liebes Dresden expresses a frank and instinctive attitude to life that refuses to choose between baroque and modern, between city and countryside, between the past and the present. It is a choice that does not have to be made because, ultimately, the city and its surroundings have it all. One of the six filmmakers sums up Dresden Elbland aptly in the following words: “You are so beautifully imperfect!”
That surely has to be love…

Ein schönes Fleckchen zum Geniessen (A nice place to enjoy)

Opening sequence – the shattering sound of a drumbeat on a dragon boat. With unbridled energy, this film takes us on a one-and-a-half-minute tour of Dresden Elbland. The heart beats strongly here: new impressions in every successive scene, different facets in each successive image. Nature, indulgence, joie de vivre, beauty and the appreciable vivacity of the Elbland are ripe for exploration and discovery. At a neighbouring vineyard, on a mountain hike, on a bicycle tour, on a country stroll, on a river cruise and wherever Dresden Elbland weaves its magic. In the city and in the wonderful surroundings, with adventure, freedom, fine dining, culture, cosmopolitanism, craftsmanship. And with a sense of get up and go, which seems quite contagious.

In this film, the team at city agency Zebra have portrayed Dresden Elbland exactly as it is. Highly attractive. Totally authentic. And always surprising.

Convention meets Culture

Holding a meeting at a castle next to the beautiful Elbe hillsides, rounding off the day in a museum by night – convention or art and culture? This is not a question of decision in Dresden. In ‘Florence on the Elbe‘ there are short ways to extraordinary locations, modern venues, professional service providers and world class cultural institutions. It is not for nothing that Dresden is one of the top-ten-convention-destinations in Germany. Dresden – Convention meets Culture!

The constant strive for improvement distinguishes the local site for economy and science. A feature which the Leipzig agency twenty4pictures picked up cinematically and keeps the video constantly going. No rest, no stop – Dresden moves with the time and precedes. Advancing into a future with new opportunitites, technologies and future meeting spaces.

Leben am Fluss (Life by the river)

Relaxing in the ferry garden with a delicious wine, jogging along the Elbe cycling route, enjoying Hollywood blockbusters in front of the scenic setting of Dresden or taking a trip to the beautiful surrounding on the oldest and biggest paddle steamer fleet in the world. The river Elbe determines in many ways the city's special lifestyle.

With a protagonist in various roles, the Dresden-based film agency Knitterfisch exaggerates the countless possibilities offered by the Elbe and sets a conscious counterpoint with an offstage poetry slam. The result is a funny but no less serious ode to "life by the river".

Colorful. Loud. Neustadt. - This is Dresden Elband

Colorful. Loud. Creative. Dresden is young, vibrant and lively. In the Neustadt you will see many barefoot people passing by, people with long dreadlocks, people with freaky fashion and people of all colors. Nowhere else the alternative part of Dresden city is shown as good as in this part of the city. 

A lot of streetart and more than 150 bars, clubs and restaurants are inviting you to explore this diverse world of the Dresden Neustadt! Come along!

Faces of a city - This is Dresden Elbland

More than 550,000 people live in Dresden, each of them with a very special unique story. In the video you meet five people from Dresden, who could hardly be more different, but who share exactly one thing: their fascination for the city on the Elbe. Accompany the Five through their city, follow them through their stories and feel the magic of 'Florence on the Elbe'.

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