Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 27.06.2019 14:20:11 Uhr 04.12.2023 21:14:37 Uhr

Brand management: Inimitable Dresden

Its dreamy location on the river. Its contrasts. Its vibrancy and lightness of spirit. Dresden is a wonderful, colourful city – with a powerful brand. Its key feature is a bright yellow steeped in history and tradition. An immutable brand, the mirrored lettering of the Dresden logo suggests an abstract Elbe panorama on the horizon. The logo embodies the city’s river location and all the contrasts that make it so vibrant, exciting and unique.
Every day, we work to continually build and reinforce the Dresden brand – throughout the region, the country and the world. Multifaceted, striking, vibrant – and eternally appealing.