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Conference and location marketing for Dresden

Par excellence: Dresden is a first-class convention and conference destination, guaranteeing virtually limitless possibilities, short travel times and fair prices. In addition, you can rely on modern conference facilities with ambience – as well as professional service providers. Choose from venues for all kinds of events, including the International Congress Center Dresden, Messe Dresden, the Erlwein-Forum at the Ostrapark, top-class hotels and conference centres, magnificent palaces, historical industrial buildings, elegant ballrooms and world-famous museums.

But Dresden is much more; it’s a fantastic location for those who want to do big things. Hosting more than 15,000 events with 1.35 million attendees each year, Dresden is one of Germany’s top ten conference destinations – and is growing increasingly attractive as a location for the meetings industry. Research, study and investment go hand in hand – and the brightest minds come here to stay. We take care of professional location marketing – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Conference and location markets for Dresden: Where the magic happens

We actively market the Dresden brand to 14 key markets worldwide with tailored campaigns and marketing themes. Every day, we work to present Dresden in new ways to key target groups among investors, companies and decision-makers searching for an appealing, exciting and surprising destination.
In particular, we focus our efforts on Germany, the UK, the USA, China, South Korea and the Benelux countries.

The aim of our conference marketing campaigns is to establish Dresden as an attractive national and international conference destination. Meanwhile, the aim of our location marketing is to raise national and international awareness of Dresden as an innovative and attractive business and science hub.

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