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Media Guide, Mediaserver Dresden and press tours. Information, materials and background stories. Any questions? What is your next project? What are you specially interested in? How can we support you in your work? We are always happy to oblige.

Dresden Media Guide: Everything you need to know

Numbers, data, facts and contacts: For journalists, media representatives, photographers and bloggers alike, the Dresden Media Guide is a treasure trove with plenty of practical applications. Here you can find extensive information, advice and recommendations on attractions, art and culture, hotels and restaurants, business and science plus public administration – as well as details for more than 500 important press contacts.
Available as a PDF, e-Book and app for iOS and Android.


Mediaserver Dresden

Are you are a journalist who is looking for a suitable photo for your Dresden article? On our media portal, you can find a huge selection of photographs, press releases, presentations, video clips, audio material, facts and figures – plus further publications. We also store essential materials here such as press releases, complete press articles and folders.

You can find images and textual material on the following topics:

  • A stunning city with a great history
  • Diverse cultural and leisure activities
  • Well-connected and easily accessible
  • A great location
  • Incredibly liveable and always in motion
  • The high-tech stronghold
  • Friendly, cosmopolitan Dresden

Press tours

“Dresden – where beauty itself was invented. Nothing but river and meadows – in delicate colours and fairy-tale light.”
Johann Joachim Winckelmann

Journalists, bloggers, influencers: Dresden is a city steeped in history – and stirring tales.
Discover the sheer variety of Dresden, so that you can tell your readers about the city in all its facets. We are looking forward to welcoming you here!


Karla Kallauch

Spokesperson, Media Relations

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