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Dresden Elbe Elbfähre
© Sven Döring (DML BY)

Dresden Mediaserver: The whole of Dresden on display

If you’re looking for photographic material, videos or up-to-the-minute statistics and presentations of Dresden, you’ve come to the right place. On our media server, you have unlimited access to an extensive stock of professionally produced pictures, videos, presentations and texts about the Elbe metropolis and its biggest attractions.
Frauenkirche, Semperoper, Zwinger, the Gründerzeit quarter and cultural venues of world renown: this gem of a city on the Elbe has so much to offer.

In order to achieve improved compliance with copyright laws, both nationally and internationally, we have introduced the Dresden Media Licence. Depending on how you intend to use the media, you have the choice between ‘free’ and ‘non-commercial’. Both Dresden Media Licences are modelled on the Creative Common Licences but additionally integrate permission to use the material in a social media context (e.g. on Facebook or Twitter).