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Felicitas Loewe, Artistic Director of the theatre “tjg. theater junge generation”, in the historic control room of Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden
© Dorit Günter

Award-winning theatre for children and young people – an interview with tjg’s Felicitas Loewe

The theatre tjg. theater junge generation is the second oldest children and young people’s theatre in Germany and with its three divisions acting, puppet theatre and theatre academy it is also the largest. A few weeks ago the theatre was awarded the “Theaterpreis des Bundes” (Federal Theatre Prize) for its international projects, its relevance to the present and its involvement in the local community. In our interview, Felicitas Loewe, tjg’s artistic director, shows her excitement about the theatre’s new location in the cultural and creative centre Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden and talks about the highlights of the coming season.

Ms. Loewe, what is so special about your new venue in Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden?
Finally we have all three stages and our rehearsal stage in one location. That not only makes it easier for our audience, which can easily reach this central location regardless of where they come from, it also makes our work processes easier. And it also opens up completely new possibilities, both conceptually and artistically. Almost anything is possible and many possibilities are already being used. For example puppet theatre on the large stage, even more cross-genre productions, festivals, project days and much, much more. And there is at least one big advantage that the new foyer has that we share with the operetta: Children and young people come together with an adult audience as equals – that is absolutely wonderful.

What productions in the theatre tjg. theater junge generation are absolute “must sees”?
The motto of our first regular season at the new location is "Neue NachbarInnen" (New Neighbours). We have a total of 16 opening nights, eight of which are world premiers and one which is a German premier. “Rico, Oskar und das Vomhimmelhoch” (the novel of the same name from the successful “Rico and Oskar” series goes on sale on 29 September 2017) is being directed by Jan Gehler. The author Andreas Steinhöfel will be coming to Dresden for the opening night. That means that after a two-year break we once again will have a big Family-Christmas production. Exciting co-productions and cooperative projects with our neighbours are also being planned: “The Black Rider”, a co-production with the Dresden State Operetta will hit the stage of the theatre tjg. theater junge generation in March 2018. With the working title “Was ist klein, grün und hat drei Augen” (“What is small and green and has three eyes?”), and in co-operation with the Dresden Breschke und Schuch cabaret, we are developing a theatre piece that looks into the question of humour. And there is a great big grab bag full of wonderful summer theatre in the coming year, not to mention that in the coming season we are the hosts for the east German children and youth theatre festival WILDWECHSEL as well as, together with the Staatsschauspiel theatre, hosts for the next Saxon Theatre Festival.

What new things have you recently discovered in Dresden?

Kraftwerk Mitte! Apart from the fact that I am constantly exploring new corners of our own theatre, I am also constantly discovering new neighbours, such as the very creative people at Neonworx, the exhibition hall, the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music und much, much more. This space is a permanent source of inspiration – with everything in one area that is constantly developing. And it seems as if something new is added every day: signs, art, furniture for outside, charming cafès and restaurants.

Felicitas Loewe was born in Berlin in 1959. She studied drama at the Humboldt University Berlin. After working for the Theatre Stralsund and the Volksbühne Berlin, just to name a few, she became Head Dramatic Advisor of the theatre “tjg. theater junge generation” in 1999 and its director in 2008.