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Wolfgang Schaller, Artistic Director of the Dresden State Operetta, in the new theatre Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden. © Staatsoperette, Photo: Stephan Floß
© Stephan Floß

Charged with emotions – Wolfgang Schaller about his new stage

The Dresden State Operetta is one of the most important German operetta, musical and opera theatres. In mid-December 2016 it moved into its new home in the newly opened Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden. We talked to Wolfgang Schaller, the artistic director of the Dresden State Operetta. In the interview he talks about the new productions that operetta goers can look forward to and other new things that are waiting to be discovered here in Dresden:

What is so special about this new theatre?
The auditorium glows in flaming red. The architect Jörg Friedrich once said to me, » This is my volcano!« Now it's our turn, the turn of the ensemble of the Dresden State Operetta, to bring about an artistic eruption that will charge the audience and let the emotions flow. So that it becomes our volcano. The energy that has electrified our audience so far, will be even stronger in the new theatre. This new theatre is a commitment by the city of Dresden to its State Operetta.                     

Which of this seasons productions by the State Operetta is an absolute must?

We celebrated the opening of our new theatre with three new productions that premiered in December. The operetta classic »Orpheus in der Unterwelt« is more topical now than it has been in a long time and the musical »Wonderful Town« is an amazing discovery – we thought we knew everything by the great Leonard Bernstein. With five re-openings starting in January we will be re-building the most successful productions of our recent past. In May, for the first time, our repertoire will include »The Marriage of Figaro«, in German. And at the end of the season we will show our versatility with the tango-Operita »María de Buenos Aires« by Astor Piazzolla.

What new discoveries have you recently made in Dresden?

The new pool on Freiberger Straße is so close to our new theatre that I could go swimming in between two meetings. Lets see if I actually manage to do that!


Wolfgang Schaller was born in Schwerin in 1951. He studied opera directing at the »Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler« in Berlin. After working in Rostock, at the Semperoper Dresden, in Görlitz and in Würzburg he became the artistic director of the Dresden State Operetta in 2003.