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Inara Jumabekova (violin) and Valtemir Lima dos Santos (saxophone) pick up on the motto “Dresden. Celebrating together” to promote Saxony’s capital. © Dresden Marketing Board
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Dresden’s Eddy Murphy about his city

The Brazilian-born Dresdener Valtemir Lima dos Santos is a capoeira artist and trainer. Due to his amazing similarity with the famous actor, the local capoeira community also refers to him as “Eddy Murphy”. His samba-reggae band „Arêrê Canibal“ always gets his audience moving to hot Brazilian rhythms. But to support his hometown’s campaign theme for the year he even cooled down in the Zwinger fountain. In our interview he talks about what he loves about Dresden.


Together with numerous other artists, you have been promoting Dresden for a whole year? What made you decide to do that for the city?

For me it is important to expose the people of Dresden to Brazilian culture. Capoeira does that beautifully. It is not just a martial art, we also sing, play instruments and talk about Brazilian history and culture. This makes me happy to be a part of the campaign for Dresden this year.


What things in Dresden do you show your guests from other parts of the world?

One of my favourite things is to go out onto the Augustus Bridge in the evening and show them the beautifully lit up silhouette of the old city. Even during the day it is highly worthwhile to see the old city with the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) and Zwinger. And of course my guests and I also go to the cafés and bars in Neustadt.


What is your personal highlight of the year in Dresden?

That would be the Bunte Republik Neustadt. Every June my band and I perform here and we present capoeira acrobatics and our Brazilian culture.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy going to the Atelier Schwartz on Förstereistraße in Neustadt. Here I meet many acquaintances from South America and we listen to music, dance and talk.


What do you do at Christmas?

Christmas time is family time. My mother-in-law prepares a roast hare. And we drink Feldschlösschen beer.



Valtemir Lima dos Santos was born in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) in 1979. He started learning capoeira as a child. Today he lives with his wife and 3-year-old daughter in Dresden Neustadt and teaches capoeira.