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Saxony keeps up its brewing tradition, as seen here at the Radeberger Export brewery © Radeberger Gruppe KG
© Radeberger Gruppe KG

Beer, a royal tradition

It's not without reason that Saxons are known as Germany's “kings of beer”: with a production of some 200 litres of beer and a consumption of 140 litres per capita – above the national average – the state is still very much home to King Friedrich August III's favourite tipple. There are large, traditional companies such as Radeberger, Feldschlößchen, Freiberger and Wernesgrüner plus another 56 breweries, around half of which are small craft breweries, adding to the local beer variety. Five hundred years after Germany's Beer Purity Law was adopted, traditional brewing methods are still often used, though there are also some modern interpretations in the form of innovative creations from Dresden. On that note, cheers!



  • Brewed since 1872, Radeberger Pilsner is now one of Saxony's most well-known and popular beers. Its ads featuring Dresden's Semper Opera House are so popular that some people are said to think the building is a brewery. The real brewery, however, is in Radeberg, and is a lot of fun to explore, for example on the very merry BierErlebnis Dresden bus tour.
  • The 4th Pichelmännel-Oktoberfest run by the Feldschlößchen brewery from 22 September to 8 October at the Rinne festival site in the Ostragehege promises bona fide beer appreciation combining Bavarian and Saxon traditions. Tip: find out interesting facts about Dresden and Saxon brewing history at the Biermuseum in the Feldschlößchen Stammhaus – free entry!
  • Fancy something new for a change? Many small craft breweries in Dresden have their own special beers, such as “Lenins Hanf” or the organic “Neustadt Hell” from Neustädter Hausbrauerei, which also organises tastings and brewing seminars. Another craft beer brewed in Dresden's Neustadt district is “Vier Vogel Pils”, which been on course for success since 2012. The Hopfenkult Craft Beer Store & Pub in the Kunsthofpassage/Görlitzer Straße offers international variety with more than 300 beer specialities on 80 square metres – try them out for just 2 euros every Thursday and Friday from 8 p.m. on Open Bottle Night.