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Dresden's Zwinger: The venue where national and international guests will meet for coffee and a chat on 2 October, the weekend of the Day of Germany Unity © Sylvio Dittrich
© Sylvio Dittrich

A cosy cup of coffee with guests from around the world

Saxons are known for their sociability, expressed among other things in enjoying a chat over “ä Schälchen Heeßes”, the local expression for a cup of coffee. So it comes as no surprise that the Saxon premier Stanislaw Tillich has invited the “citizens' delegation” – a group of volunteers from all over the state – to join him in a cup of coffee on the 26th anniversary of German reunification. What makes this exclusive event so special is that the coffee is being served in Dresden's famous Zwinger, on Meissen Porcelain®!

In addition to the overall festival weekend programme from 1 to 3 October we have also come up with some special tips for coffee connoisseurs in Dresden.


  • On the stage in front of the City Hall, one highlight will come after the next. It all starts on 1 October with a show entitled “Trendwende – Die DDR-Modenschau”, presenting fashion in Dresden at the time the Wall came down and the emotions behind this moving piece of Saxon and German history. At the Open Air Science Slam, scientists will be presenting their latest findings live, in a manner that anyone can understand. Live shows by Purple Schulz and various Saxon radio broadcasters will be whipping up a buzzing party atmosphere. In the city hall itself, several generations of artists will come together for the exhibition “Auf Augenhöhe” (“on a level footing”). And the magnet which will be bound to draw young people in particular is the urban art activities at the festival: the live project “SPIKE meets MAGIC CITY” will involve artists from SPIKE Dresden and MAGIC CITY creating temporary images. Incidentally, the world premiere of the exhibition MAGIC CITY, in which street artists, urban artists and anamorphic artists create an enchanted city, will also be launched at Zeitenströmung on 1 October.

  • The people of Dresden love their coffee, so it comes as no surprise that the city has several roasting houses. The Dresdner Kaffeerösterei offers special roasts, Dresdner Kaffeesalz and Dresdner Espresso-Balsamico in its very own “Café Taschenberg” opposite the Zwinger. The Oswaldz sells coffee roasted by Phönix Rösterei aus. Whether you enjoy espresso, filter coffee or “white coffee” (made with especially lightly roasted beans), you are sure to find your favourite roast in the easy-going atmosphere of Dresden Neustadt. The coffee and cocoa roasting house with its own chocolate specialities, Mrs. Brown, can be found at Zeitenströmung. Carrying on the Dresden tradition of chocolate production, they make very special cocoa-based delicacies in the form of drinking chocolate and handmade filled chocolates.