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A concert in the Frauenkirche Dresden – classic sounds in a Baroque setting
© Susann Hehnen

Music as a source of spiritual renewal

As the golden days of fall come to Dresden, the city is also filled with exquisite strains of music. Whether it is the celebration of Bach at the Frauenkirchen-Bachtagen, the Heinrich Schütz Musikfest or the International Dresden Master Classes in Music: let yourself feel inspired by masterly interpretations and timeless classics.



  • Fall is the time for Bach fans to come to Dresden. Starting on 23 September, the Frauenkirche is dedicating its annual Frauenkirchen-Bachtage to its musical patron and his sons. On 29 September Kit Armstrong, the ‘wunderkind’ from California will be presenting his unique piano artistry. The musician and mathematician has a confidant artistic autonomy and thrills his audience with true classics and his own compositions. A further highlight is the Mass in B-flat Minor played by the ensemble of the Frauenkirche under the direction of the Frauenkirche cantor Matthias Grünert on 3 October. Up until 7 October the church will be filled with spiritual and secular music.
  • It was “the love of truth” that guided Martin Luther in his opposition to the existing order and his reformation of the spiritual world. The Heinrich Schütz Musikfest picks up on this theme of change and movement, presenting a multifaceted melange of old and new compositions with instrumental and vocal sound adventures from 6 to 15 October. But the festival does more than just provide pleasure for your ears: by choosing unusual venues such as the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments in the Dresden Zwinger or the High Voltage Hall of the TU Dresden these concerts become something very special.
  • The art of expanding your horizons by slipping into a different role is something that not just actors do. Under the motto “SCHAU-SPIEL-KUNST” at the Dresdner Meisterkursen Musik from 11 to 16 September, talented young musicians from around the world show how important versatility is when playing music. In concerts, lectures and presentations you can see the results of the creative co-operation between exceptional musicians and their students. Special guests at this event of Carl Maria von Weber University of Music Dresden this year: the actors Gudrun Landgrebe and Sebastian Koch.