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The vineyards at the wine-growing estate Schloss Proschwitz offer a fantastic view of the Albrecht Castle in Meißen. © Weinbauverband Sachsen e.V. / Photo: Weingut Schloss Proschwitz Prinz zur Lippe
© Weingut Schloss Proschwitz Prinz zur Lippe

Travelling the river road to pleasure – 25 years Saxon Wine Road

The Wine Road stimulates the desire to discover. Follow the Elbe River from Dresden and traverse wide green flood plains, gently framed by the hills of the vineyards. Winegrowers’ villages stretch along the riverbank, while the castles look down from the hilltops. Along its 55 kilometres, the Saxon Wine Road connects the most beautiful towns and villages of the Elbe River basin. In 2017, on its 25th anniversary, the Wine Road is offering a programme that will thrill all those who enjoy the pleasurable moments of life.


  • Come and celebrate the Saxon Wine Road's first quarter century: all year long there will be guided »pleasure tours«. The »Days of the open winery« on 26 and 27 August are another excellent opportunity to get to know the Saxon wine-growing district, as are the large wine festivals in Meißen and Radebeul from 29 September to 1 October.
  • Schloss Wackerbarth located right in the middle of the Radebeul vineyards, offers daily tours through the winery and many events that let you learn a little something about making wine and open up all your senses for the enjoyment of wine and sparkling wine from the Saxon Wine Road. Let Europe's first wine experience winery show you what a difference more than 850 years of Saxon winegrowing tradition can make and why for the past 180 years the sparkling wines in one of Europe's oldest wineries making sparkling wine have been juddered and not shaken.
  • A true pearl of the Elbe River Basin is the town of Diera-Zehren. This community near Meißen has been formed by its wine growing history and is home to the famous wine-growing estate Schloss Proschwitz. The Proschwitz castle and the idyllic winery in the small village of Zadel are worth visiting. The Proschwitz »Rosé Fest« on 1 May takes place in the house at the top of the vineyard and offers a fantastic view of the Elbe River and Meißen.
  • The rich history of the region can be discovered in Meißen. From May to November 2017 there will be a special exhibition in the Albrechtsburg entitled »A Treasure – not of Gold« about Bishop Benno of Meißen. Benno was Saxony's first and only saint. The story of his veneration is closely connected to the Reformation because Benno was canonised at a time when Martin Luther was vehemently criticising the veneration of saints. And so the exhibition will paint a detailed picture of these politically and socially very eventful years. This will be a very special cultural addition to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
  • The culture of culinary pleasures is taken to its peak in Radebeul. This is where the star cook Stefan Hermann does his magic, in the »Atelier Sanssouci« in the Villa Sorgenfrei. That the food here is exceptional has been confirmed by the testers of Gault&Millau. Just recently they gave Stefan Hermann 16 points and named him »Cook of the Year 2017«. For people who love culinary pleasures, this certainly makes Radebeul the »Goal of the Year 2017«.