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Old Shatterhand invites you to come to the Karl-May-Museum in Radebeul on any Saturday for an exciting tour celebrating Karl May’s 175th birthday © Karl-May-Museum Radebeul near Dresden, Photo: André Köhler
© André Köhler

Old stories in new clothes

Along the Saxon Wine Route, the lands of the River Elbe tell stories from olden times as if they were new. For example, the story of Benno of Meißen – Saxony’s first saint, whose relics return home, or the stories of Karl May, the "father of Winnetou", who is celebrating his 175th birthday this year. There are many things to discover in the Saxon lands along the Elbe river.


  • Saxony’s first saint returns home – or at least his crook and his mitre do. A large special exhibition at the Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen from 12 May to 5 November 2017, with the title "A TREASURE NOT MADE OF GOLD. Benno of Meissen – Saxony’s first Saint" is the first exhibition all about Benno of Meissen. Since 1998, his mitre, the traditional bishop’s hat, is kept as a relic on the altar of the Bennokapelle (Benno chapel) in the Hofkirche Dresden (Cathedrale). The exhibition at the Albrechtsburg castle shows the history of the veneration of Saint Benno and exhibits works of art that have been brought together and set in relation to each other for the first time.
  • Karl May was born 175 years ago, on 25 February 1842. Naturally, the Karl-May-Museum in Radebeul is celebrating the anniversary of this German Wild West storyteller and the "father of Winnetou" in a big way. The goal of the museum is to ensure that the old stories and their creator Karl May remain alive. From April to October, every Saturday and Sunday at 11 o’clock, visitors have the chance to go on a very special and adventurous guided tour with Karl May in his favourite role as Old Shatterhand.
  • Change old into new: the programme of the Radebeul theatre has numerous premieres and new interpretations of great classics. One highlight is the international theatre project for the anniversary of the reformation "In Gottes eigenem Land" (In God’s Own Country), which will be shown on 29 April 2017. A bit earlier there are already the premiers of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (4 March) and "La Traviata" (1 April).
  • The Saxon Wine Route is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Do you know where exactly this route goes and which culinary and cultural specialties it has to offer its visitors? In our new Dresden Webzine we follow the cherished wine route and discover all kinds of tasty morsels we think you would enjoy.