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There is a very special feeling that pervades the Medieval Christmas market in the Stallhof of the Dresden Royal Palace. © Sylvio Dittrich
© Sylvio Dittrich

Christmas splendour

With its more than three kilometres – from the main train station to Albertplatz – Dresden has one of the longest Christmas markets in Germany. Just like the pearls on a necklace, twelve very different Christmas markets are lined up one after the other on the way from the old city to Neustadt. The absolute highlight in this collection of jewels is the Dresden Striezelmarkt, the oldest Christmas market in Germany.


  • The 582nd Dresden Striezelmarkt, which is on from 24 November until 24 December, celebrates the joyful colours of Christmas. In addition to the Stollen festival on 3 December and the Pflaumentoffelfest on 4 December there is also the Dresden Pyramidenfest on 10 December. In the Christmas glow of the world’s largest Erz Mountains stepped pyramid, artisans and toy makers show their work. Young and old singers compete in the singing competition. The winners get an original Erz Mountains Christmas pyramid.
  • Quaint, rustic and relaxed – that is the Medieval Christmas market in the Stallhof. Here you will find hearty traders loudly praising their hand-made wares while jugglers, jesters and minstrels guarantee wonderful moments whichever way you turn. And when it comes to food, this market leaves nothing to be desired, and you can even have a hot bath in a traditional tub. At the weekends, bands such as Corvus Corax, Furunkulus, Streuner and Scherbelhaufen play medieval music, surrounded by fire-eaters, fortune tellers, knights and an archery tournament on Saturdays. The market is open until 6 January.
  • Visitors to the Advent at Neumarkt will feel as if they have been transported back 100 years. Historic authenticity is just as important as tradition, charm and the romanticism of a location right in front of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady). The faithfully recreated market booths offer only high-quality, hand made products – from aromatic soaps to chocolate specialities and glass art all the way to puppets and cheese.