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Art and the art of living fill up Dresden’s calendar of winter events. © Sylvio Dittrich
© Sylvio Dittrich

Celebrating together: the grand finale

Dresden’s fall and winter calendar is full of festivities and culture. After all, what could possibly be a better time than now to enjoy the glitter, the lights and the rich selection of arts!


  • Pick up cultural impulses from around the world at CYNETART (10 to 16 November). This international festival for contemporary computer based art has been an annual event for almost 20 years now. Originally located solely at the Hellerau Festival Theatre, it now takes place at various venues around the city. This year, artists from almost 50 different countries will be taking part in the competition. The focus will be on the question of how modern art deals with the questions facing modern civilization.
  • In an old industrial compound in north Dresden, now known as „Zeitenströmung“, street artists have created Magic City. This visual adventure, which uses all of the materials and methods available to modern street art, can be experienced up until 8 January.
  • The ringmaster of the 21st Dresden Christmas Circus, Mario Müller-Milano, promises that it will be an amazing experience for the entire family. 30 artists from nine countries will be presenting a completely new show from 14 December to 2 January. Highlights include the magician Christian Farla with his „Surrounded Magic“ programme, the largest circus big band, a Hungarian trapeze artist and the Italian Manuel Farina with his lion show. To top it all off, the master chefs Kai Kochan and Mario Pattis are your assurance of exceptional cuisine.
  • In Dresden, saying good-bye to the old year and ringing in the new is always a big, fabulous party. Set in front of the magnificent backdrop of the von Semper Opera House, Royal Palace and Zwinger, the open-air Silvesterstadt offers a colourful, on-stage entertainment programme and magnificent fireworks.