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A nice round sum: at the end of the evening last year’s check was rounded up to 200,000 Euros. © HOPE Gala
© HOPE-Gala

Prize Draw September/October

The arts and working for a good cause. That is the motto of the 12th HOPE Gala Dresden, taking place on 28 October 2017, with the money going to help the HIV- and AIDS Project “HOPE Cape Town” in South Africa. The organiser Viola Klein is looking forward to the new location, the Dresdner Kulturpalast which just reopened at the end of April: “The fact that the venue offers more seats than the Schauspielhaus theatre, convinced me to already go to the Kulturpalast in its first year of operation. Being able to sell more tickets means having more money for our project that helps children in South Africa. And for our guests, the new Kulturpalast is sure to be a real highlight.”


For 16 years now HOPE Cape Town has been supporting and advising children and their families who have HIV/AIDS and their related illnesses. The largest single donor to this project is the HOPE-Gala Dresden, which in the past eleven years has brought in over 1.2 million Euros. The money serves to finance doctors, training and further training for health workers as well as the work of social workers. In our opinion it is a wonderful fundraising campaign. So we are giving away 2 x 2 complimentary tickets worth € 75 each (not including the After Show Party). The tickets for the prize draw were bought by Saxonia Systems AG and donated for use by the subscribers to our newsletter.

Our question: Who is the moderator for the 12th HOPE Gala Dresden? Send your answer to, Subject “Visit Dresden. News September October 2017”.


In the last edition of “Visit Dresden. News” we asked how long the Saxon Wine Route is. 55 kilometres is the correct answer and the winners are Mr. Mühle from Kamenz and Ms. Frost from Kassel.