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The new stage of the Semper Opera, Semper Zwei, with the stage set for the new piece by Jungen Szene »The killer in me is the killer in you my love« © Klaus Gigga
© Klaus Gigga

Seven at once

In 2017 Dresden really proves that it is a cultural capital – with seven new stages that offer new spaces to renowned city institutions such as the Dresden State Operetta and the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. In the coming year these impressive new venues will see many opening nights, grand concerts and exciting performances. The only question now is – where do you want to go first?


  • Where the city of Dresden once produced its electricity there are now four stages that electrify the cities audiences: Dresden's new arts centre, Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden, where the young generation theatre (tjg.) and the Dresden State Operetta have found new homes. With a large stage, a small stage and a studio stage, the tjg. Theatre offers a wide-ranging repertoire especially for younger theatre audiences – from puppet theatre to fairy tales and artistic performances all the way to experimental installations, there is something for everyone. World-class operettas, musicals and theatrical operas can be enjoyed in the new, generously designed theatre of the Dresden State Operetta. With space for 700 people, the operetta will be showing pieces such as Leonard Bernstein's musical »Wonderful Town«, a homage to the city of Dresden, and classics such as »Die Fledermaus« or »Orpheus in der Unterwelt«.
  • Open, visionary, international – and the new home for two of Dresden's real »institutions«: starting in April 2017, the completely modernised Dresdner Kulturpalast on Altmarkt will be home to the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra and the renowned Herkuleskeule cabaret. The heart of the new Kulturpalast is the concert hall with its excellent acoustics, distinctive architecture and seating for 1800 people: a grand stage for local and international stars. Note: opening night is on 28 April with a ceremonial celebration put on by the city of Dresden.
  • This is where tradition and modernism meet: right behind the world famous Semper Opera Dresden is the new venue Semper Zwei where you can experience new forms of musical theatre, dance and concerts such as Stimmkunst or Tanz à la carte. As a place for young artists, there will occasionally be Friday nights when this venue will become the Semper Bar. With a bar / lounge atmosphere and different types of musical offerings, the Semper Bar is a space where you can start your weekend without the suit and tie and with close contact to the stage. Next date: Karaoke evening on 17 February starting at 9 pm.