Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 13.03.2017 13:34:09 Uhr 30.06.2022 08:30:17 Uhr
Done! The Renaissance wing of the Royal Palace is celebrating its re-opening with a new special exhibition. © Dresden State Art Collections, Photo: David Brandt
© David Brandt

A breath of fresh air for old clothes

Spring brings new life to the world, and the museums in Dresden are blooming with new and exciting exhibitions. Historic festive garments are brought to light and you are invited to take a walk under the Italian sun. Interesting facts about blushing and world of languages can be found in the Deutsches Hygiene Museum.


  • Rebirth: The Dresden State Art Collections are celebrating the completion of the Renaissance wing of the Royal Palace with the presentation of the new permanent exhibition "The Electoral Wardrobe" opening on 9 April. For the first time, this truly unique collection of 27 original festive suits of royal clothing is being presented to the public in one exhibition. This magnificent collection of royal fashion can be admired in all of its opulent splendour in four extensively renovated rooms in the Royal Palace.
  • Renewal – it was something that not just the reformer Martin Luther was thinking about 500 years ago. The Lutheran Elector Moritz built the second protestant church in Saxony – the chapel in the Royal Palace inspired by the first protestant church, the chapel of Hartenfels castle (Torgau). This year’s 500th anniversary of the reformation makes a visit to the chapel particularly worthwhile. Reconstruction of the highly impressive looped rib vault ceiling was completed in 2013. Visitors of the exhibition "All in all. The Conceptual World of the Mystic Philosopher Jacob Böhme" have the very rare chance to view this impressive chapel from 26 August to 19 November. After that date it will be used as a workshop for the restoration of the Royal Palace.
  • The New Masters Gallery has also captivated us again: the exhibition "Beneath Italian Skies", a retrospective of exquisite 19th century German images of Italy, can be seen in the Albertinum until 28 May. And, to celebrate the 85th birthday of the Dresden-born painter Gerhard Richter, the Gerhard Richter Archive in the Albertinum, is putting on the exhibition "Neue Bilder" with 26 abstract paintings that were all done in 2016.
  • Innovative: the Deutsches Hygiene Museum is one of the most frequently visited Saxon and German museums. It was awarded the Saxon Museums Prize in 2015 and has been made responsible for the 4th Saxon State Exhibition on “Industrial Culture in Saxony” which will take place in 2020. Currently the museum is looking at people and their relationship to shame and language. In the exhibition "Shame" (running until 5 June) the visitors can discover 100 reasons to blush, and the exhibition "Language" (running until 20 August) looks at the world of words, signs and gestures. Tip: starting on 11 March, the Deutsches Hygiene Museum will also be looking at the anniversary of the reformation and will be presenting the exhibition "Lutherland" with photographs from the world of faith.