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The magic of Christmas in Dresden Elbland
© DMG, Jörg Schöner

Dear friends of Dresden Elbland,

If you want to lose yourself in that very special Christmas feeling, then Dresden and the surrounding region is right for you. Just the Christmas markets by themselves are enough to do that – there are eleven in Dresden, so that there is something for every kind of Christmas magic imaginable. Be sure to plan on enough time to see at least a few of them. And once Dresden has really gotten you into that Christmas spirit, you will definitely want to go and see some of the amazingly beautiful Christmas spots in the surrounding region. You can find them all at here.

Dresden Elbland also offers additional shopping hours. Sunday shopping is available on 2 December in Meissen, Pirna and Radebeul as well as on 9 December in Dresden, Torgau and Weinböhla.

Try your luck in our Prize Draw which will take you on a virtual trip through time into Dresden’s Baroque era.

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