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Autumn – a time to enjoy

Dear friends of Dresden,

Dresden is a city of music – especially in the autumn. Come and see the stars of jazz at the 18th Jazztagen Dresden, come and party with us at DAVE – Festival for Club Culture, and be sure to get tickets for the exciting new year of music in the Frauenkirche Dresden.

And then there is the wine! Autumn in Dresden Elbland is definitely the time and place to enjoy wine to its fullest. Being there, with the wine growers of the Saxon Wine Route, when they celebrate their harvests at wine fests in Radebeul and Meissen is an unforgettable experience. Want to whet your appetite? Enjoy some moving impressions of the beautiful diversity of the Saxon Wein Route by clicking here.

Can’t decide what to do? Do it all! You can enjoy both music and wine at a variety of locations such as the “Herbstfest” (Autumn Festival) at Proschwitz Castle.

Dresden Elbland is looking forward to your visit!

Yours truly
The Dresden Marketing Board