Landeshauptstadt Dresden - 08.05.2018 11:44:37 Uhr 28.11.2022 20:32:05 Uhr

Dear friends of Dresden,

A city’s cultural treasures are a reflection of the city’s soul. Dresden, and the beautiful Saxon Elbland that surrounds it, are filled to the brim with cultural treasures and with people who make these come to life. Now in its 41st year, the Dresden Music Festival is one of those treasures. Year after year, the festival unites artists and music lovers from around the world, and you can be sure that under this year’s motto "Reflections", the festival will once again unite and inspire musicians and listeners here in the Saxon capital.

The beauty of the Elbe River will seduce you into contemplations on the topic of reflection. And as it meanders through Dresden and the surrounding region, the river creates a special something that can only be described as "life on the river". We have captured that "special something" in a video that you can see here. It is yours to enjoy and share as you wish.


Heart-felt greetings to you from Dresden Elbland

Your Dresden Marketing Board