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© Jooris, Jannis and Paul (from left to right), Dresdner Kreuzchor © Dresden Marketing GmbH

Dresden. Celebrating together

Dear friends of Dresden,

High-class culture means high-class pleasure, and you are invited to enjoy both in Dresden.
When and where? Just for you, we have gone on the lookout for special musical experiences, magical events and great views of the city.

Dresden Music Festival has taken seriously the idea that pleasure takes time, making “time” their motto this year. Alongside concerts by outstanding world-class stars, for the first time amateur and professional Dresden musicians will be brought together in the “City of Sound” project to make music in every corner of the city and demonstrate the musical potential alive in them and in Dresden. Taking place on 28 May, this will also send out a strong message of internationalism and tolerance in Dresden.
Our competition invites entrants to experience a mixture of music and historical festive culture.
Look and listen for yourself, or even join in.

The Dresden Marketing GmbH team