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© Sylvio Dittrich
© Sylvio Dittrich

Dresden makes the winter sparkle

Dear friends of Dresden,

for almost one year now, our invitation “Dresden. Celebrating together” has brought people from around Germany and from around the globe to this beautiful city. With the splendour of winter in Dresden setting the scene, this invitation reaches its grand finale during the next few weeks, giving us many more wonderful opportunities to celebrate together.

Winter, and with it the weeks leading up to Christmas, is an especially good time to enjoy everything Dresden has to offer: excellent concerts, great food and a beautiful city all spruced up for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve parties.

Right in the middle of the Christmas season, there is one big cultural explosion to look forward to: four new stages will be opening on 16 December when the new Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden opens its doors.

Expect the unexpected. We’re expecting you!

Your Dresden Marketing Board