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© Sven Döring
© Sven Döring

Dresden. Go with the flow

Dear friends of Dresden,

When Saxony throws this year's “Building Bridges” festival to mark the 26th anniversary of German unification, the host city of Dresden will be awash with activity a whole weekend long. Saxon sociability never dries up, even at events of this scale: on 2 October, the Saxon premier Stanislaw Tillich will be inviting a large audience over for a cosy cup of coffee at Dresden's Zwinger.

Just for you, we have set off in search of some other lovely liquids, from wine and beer to beauty lotions. On our hunt we also came across some events and people who really know how to channel their passions, such as the dancer Guillaume Quéau, whose fabulously fluid movements can be seen at the performances of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company.

Go with the flow as it takes you through our lovely city.


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