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Dresden. Celebrating Together

Dear Friends of Dresden,


This year, Dresden is once again one of Germany's top travel destinations, further strengthening its position as the fourth strongest city brand in Germany.

What is it that brings visitors from all over the world to Dresden? As well as the city's beauty and great history, people here can experience a very special kind of culture, from incredible exhibitions and music festivals to glittering festivals such as Dresden Stadtfest.

In 2016 we will be welcoming visitors on the theme of “Dresden. Celebrating together.” This marks some major anniversaries such as 800 years of the Dresden Kreuzchor boys' choir and the week-long festival celebrating the opening of Kraftwerk Mitte, with its new venues for Staatsoperette Dresden (Dresden State Operetta) and the tjg. theahter junge generation in December this year.

Dresden mayor Dirk Hilbert explains how important community life is for us in this regard: “The motto ‘Dresden. Celebrating together’ stands for cultures growing closer; for living together and working on a good future for us all.”

You are welcome to join us. Please see here for a more detailed overview of events.


Your Dresden Marketing Board