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Essential briefing: Everything you need to know

Approximately once a year, we publish all the information you need: detailed facts and figures about Dresden for different target readerships. These include the infrastructure, population and employment trends, and the benefits of living and working in Dresden. We answer the question of how family-friendly Dresden is. Also in focus: Studying in Dresden. What are the pull factors? What subjects can you study? How many students are there currently enrolled in the city? The trend is clear: the numbers continue to rise – and that includes students from abroad.

Also forming part of the basic presentation: Science and Research, the facilities, the industry partnerships – and the prospects. And what about the local economy? This is also looked at in great detail. How does Dresden rate as a place to do business? What about local purchasing power and commercial development? How are the regional areas of expertise developing? How effective has the Exzellenzstadt Dresden (City of Excellence) campaign been in drumming up business? And, of course: Conferences, tourism and more tourism. Right down to the finest detail – and yet still compact in format. By the way, the briefing also contains detailed insight into the division of responsibilities within Dresden’s tourism industry, into the structures, budget and marketing strategy of the official umbrella marketing organization DMG. Well worth reading.

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