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Eye-catchingly attractive: The visual thread

Dresden is a cosmopolitan city of contrasts. The people who live, work, study and visit here appreciate the capital of Saxony for its tranquillity and vitality, for its history and progressive outlook. The consistent visual theme that runs like a thread through our communications is a representation of this dichotomy between past and future, liveliness and tranquillity. It is concise and modern, resisting the temptation to stray off into the ephemeral. And because opposites hold such a tremendous fascination for the outside world, we use this visual theme (or ‘communicative design’) consistently and in all of our PR releases. As a framework for clear messages. From a city that has a lot to tell.

Our brand: The basis for everything

Handbuch zum Kommunikationsmuster Dresden
Distinctive, memorable and full of character: Dresden projects itself by means of a unique corporate style that reflects the diversity of the city. Used consistently, it consolidates the visual perception of Dresden. Like the city itself, it is an instantly recognisable and charismatic brand ambassador. This corporate style is used for public relations materials – official statements, leaflets, brochures and posters, exhibitions and traditional advertising – as well as the full range of online media. Everywhere, the design elements afford the city a lively, cultured and striking appearance while acting as a persuasive common basis.

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Marco Bluethgen

Head of Brand Management & Marketing Services

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