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Shining bright: The Dresden brand

Attractive, likeable and distinct – these three typical characteristics of a valuable brand have applied to Dresden for centuries. This is due in part to the beauty of the city. Every square metre is steeped in history – and stirring tales. Above all, Dresden is a city of contrasts. Classical and modern, vibrant and tranquil, a thrusting economy and excellent quality of life, a glorious past and a promising future – all coexisting in perfect harmony.

It is a rather attractive mix that can rarely be found in cities of this size. So attractive, in fact, that more and more people are drawn to the Elbe, many of them putting down roots here.
Our job is to make this brand shine brightly wherever it matters: regionally, nationally and internationally.

Eye-catchingly attractive: The visual thread

In presenting Dresden, we use a distinctive corporate style which reflects the diversity of the urban landscape and thus consolidates the visual impression made by the state capital of Saxony. This corporate style is a consistent thread running through the various tools we employ in our publicity work. Its design elements form the basis for a lively, cultured and succinct ‘face’ to the city – a creative design with radiant vitality and a high recognition value.

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Informatively detailed: Market research for Dresden

What is the precise makeup of Dresden? What are the particular strengths of the city? What is so unique about it? What sort of image does it have among tourists, business people, scientists and students? And how do the citizens of Dresden themselves perceive their gem of a city on the Elbe? We have put together more than 100 pages packed with information about the success model designed by and for Dresden. This includes graphics, background, facts and reliable figures. Please feel free to consult this valuable corpus of knowledge and draw your own conclusions. And then make your own decisions on the basis of it.

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