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Dresden Highlights: More than just ‘something going on’

Classical music, visual arts, theatre, dance, science, industrial heritage, steam locomotives, district festivals... In 2016, one spectacular event followed another.
Here is the overview for 2017 – Dresden’s Top 20.
The theme for this year: ‘Dresden. New Discoveries’.

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Sven Döring (DML BY)

Our Top Highlights for 2017

3rd Dresden Comedy Festival

8th - 12th March 2017

The Ruhr coal belt poet Torsten Sträter will be appearing in his trademark woolly hat, and Hans-Joachim Heist will be doing his Heinz Erhardt act. Festival patron Olaf Schubert has lined up more than 70 guest performers for the third comedians’ convention.

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Long Night of the Dresden Theatres | 01st - 04th 2017


Fleet Parade of the Saxon Paddle Steamer Fleet | 01st May 2017


15th Long Night of Science | 16th June 2017


US CAR Convention | 07th - 09th July 2017


LackStreicheKleber – Urban Art Festival | 01st - 12th August 2017


19th DRESDEN MUSEUMS NIGHT | 16th September 2017


Heinrich Schütz Music Festival | 06th - 15th October 2017


Dresden Jazz Days 2017 | 03rd - 12th November 2017


Advent concert | 21st December 2017