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Studies and market research: Feeling the pulse

We conduct and evaluate significant, meaningful market research studies. On a regular and meticulous basis, so we always have up-to-date figures to refer to – on tourism and conferences, business and science developments. And we are able to specifically adapt our marketing activities to the prevalent market and demand situation. You can find all the current statistics on overnight stays and visitor arrivals plus data, facts, studies and reports concerning Dresden and Saxony on our media server:

Summary of analyses and reports for download:

  • An overview of Dresden: Life, business and science (Key facts and figures about Dresden’s status as a tourism, science and business hotspot. Updated annually)
  • Development of tourism in Dresden: Compilation and evaluation of statistical data on tourism supplied by the Saxony State Office of Statistics (monthly)
  • Half-yearly and annual status reports on tourism

Market research results:

  • Success model of the Dresden brand (brand analysis for Dresden, 2010/2011)
  • Analysis of value creation in tourism (presentation at the 2012 Dresden Travel Market)
  • Evaluation of the results from the Germany Quality Monitor for Dresden 2007-2010
  • Evaluation of the results from the Germany Quality Monitor for Dresden 2011-2012
  • Magic Cities: Comparison 2001-2011 (Comparison of overnight stays according to destination countries)
  • Czech Republic Workshop (2012): Figures, data, facts, market evaluation and initiatives
  • Information about the hotel market in Dresden
  • Conference Barometer for Dresden 2011